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This template is intended for sidebar ("series") navbox templates about the history of a country or region.


Parameters Brief instructions
{{Region history
|country = 
|linkoverride = 
|image = 
|width = 
|bold  = 
|series = 
|portal =
|abovestyle = 

|data1  = 
|data2  = 
|data3  = 
|data4  = 
|data5  = 
|data6  = 
|data7  = 
|data8  = 
|data9  = 
|data10 = 
<!-- up to |data30= -->

|templateoverride = 
The name of the country or region.
OPTIONAL (see below).
A related image, using standard wikiformatting.*1
Template's, preferably in [[Em (typography)|em]] units.
Use "no" if subheadings are included, otherwise "yes".
If empty gives wikilink to the general category of the region/country.*2
Default is a link to the country portal.*3

Any "dataN =" entry may be replaced with "headerN =" to
produce a subheading.

  Use if the link to the article about the country's
  history is different from "[[History of Country]]",
  e.g. [[History of the Czech lands|Czech history]]

Currently, up to 30 data/header entries available.

*1 e.g. [[Image:Image.png|120px|Caption]]

*2 to point the link to Category:History of [name], use |series=History of [name]

*3 parameter no gives no portal link, if none exists.